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Established in 2022, AgilePro Buddies has successfully trained over 50 candidates, most of whom have successfully gained employment within the IT sector as Business Analysts, Product Owners and Scrum Masters.

What To Expect
  • Intense training
  • Hands-on live project
  • Access to contemporary tools
  • Full commitment & support from the Coaches and Support Team
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Why Choose Us

Hands-on training and work experience

Adequate training and hands-on practical work experience which will enable you to excel in your potential workplace.

Quality Support

Our amazing coaches are easily accessible and always ready to support.

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Our Success Stories

Onyinye A

I want to specially appreciate AgilePro Buddies for providing a wonderful learning platform for Candidates looking to transition to Business Analysis & Agile Methodologies. I started the training in May 2022 and in less than 3 months I got a BA job.

What I like about AgilePro Buddies, is the quality of training, accessibility of coaches, on the job support, CV review, the live work experience, in fact they prepare you for the real work experience.

Thank you AgilePro Buddies.

Hannah O

Before embarking onto the AgilePro Buddies platform I was working two jobs concurrently. I remember when I finished my nightshift at 5am from a warehouse company and then driving to another job at 8am.

I was referred to AgilePro Buddies after changing my mindset, and to be honest, that was when hope came in, I saw a way out of my situation and I went for it.

Akunna K

I had previously had Business Analysis training on other platforms prior to joining Agilepro Buddies, but still, it was a struggle to get my CV right, talk less of getting my dream job.

I eventually joined Agilepro Buddies and got multiple job offers within 6 weeks of being on the platform.

The coaches are amazing, thorough, and hands on. They are there to guide you throughout your learning journey and even after you get a job. They deserve all the accolades.

Business Analyst

You know how people talk of having life changing encounters, my experience in Agilepro Buddies has been one of those for me. I was a banker in one of the biggest Nigerian banks for a couple of years before moving to the UK. Upon arrival in the UK, I was told by interviewers that my banking skills are not transferable. After considering a lot of options, I prayerfully decided to delve into the project management space.

Scrum Master

Agile pro buddies is a great platform to learn all about change management within Waterfall and Agile. I came in as a Test Analyst and wanted to transit into being a Business Analyst in an Agile environment. The platform was great as I worked on a practical project using the agile methodology. This gave me more exposure and room to ask the coaches questions. I successfully secured my first agile role as a Test Analyst before the course ended, although not a BA role; there are opportunities to grow within the firm as there are no BA present. Thanks to the coaches, dev and BA support. Upwards we GO!!!!

Business Analyst

I was referred to agileprobuddies by a friend, I spoke to one of the coaches who advised me to start the course. I began the training, attended their online classes, got guidance, more advice and hands on experience through out the course. The amazing coaches reviewed my CV and prepared me for my interviews and I got the job!!!

Business Analyst

I started the training with no previous knowledge of Business Analysis and I was very nervous about what I was going to learn. 6 months down the line, I have come out of the training with a good background knowledge of Business Analysis and Agile methodology and most importantly the work experience has helped me to work through every major process that is involved in the day to day activity of an Agile Business Analyst.

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