What We Believe

While we recognize the universal body of Christ and church, we also understand that each house of God has its own style, its own ministries, its own focus, and its own structure. In this section, we share a bit about who we are, what we believe, and what we value, in the hopes that it will give you a little more understanding of what Graceville’s core believes are.




The Bible

We believe that the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired Word of God, fully complete and without error. We believe that the Bible when rightly divided contains all that is necessary to bring people to the knowledge of salvation and to lead a righteous and productive life. We believe it to be the ultimate authority in all matters of faith and Christian living. And this makes us passionately committed to the teaching of God’s word.


We believe that Jesus is the divine Son of God, the only sacrifice for our sin, and our guarantee of God’s never-changing love for us. We believe that He died, rose again, and is now seated at the right hand of God. And by His sacrifice man can have unlimited access to God, and enjoy all that God has preordained for him.
We believe that one day He will literally return to the earth to receive all those who have believed in Him.

Eternal Life

We believe that people are eternal beings and will spend the rest of eternity after their life on earth either with God in eternal happiness (heaven) or without God in eternal sorrow (hell). We believe that through faith in Jesus, we are granted an eternity with God in heaven.

Holy Spirit

We believe that The Holy Spirit is part of the trinity; He is co-eternal, co-equal with God. He is the governor of the church today and by His divine presence and ministries we are able to lead the Christian life through the power He infuses in us. We believe that God, the Father, still speaks to His children today through The Holy Spirit.
We believe that the Holy Spirit will always agree with God’s Word. We believe that the Holy Spirit uses the recorded truths in the Bible to speak to the hearts of God’s children in order to lead them into the will of God for their lives.

The Church

We believe that the church is not a building or a denomination, but rather the believers themselves who make up the church. And scripture admonishes us not to forsake the gathering of ourselves.
We believe that the church is like a hospital where those who are healthy and trained are to help those who are not and so church is not meant for the saints alone but also for the unsaved. Sinners are not to run from Christ or the church rather towards Him; where else would they hear the truth? Scriptures reveals the church as the pillar and ground of truth.

The Great Commission

We believe in active evangelism and reaching out to the unsaved and the un-churched through any and every available means, as we are the light and the salts of the world and the earth. This is the drive behind our outreaches. Knowing the terror of the lord we persuade men to be saved.