Teen’s Church

Grooming Next-Gen Leaders

Graceville Christian Centre Seeds Church is tailored to give a sure foundation to teenagers, preparing them for a victorious adult life.


Our vision

  1. is to mould teenagers and inscribe upon their hearts the correct image of God so that they can have a proper image of themselves through the word of Grace
  2. To develop teenagers who will understand the love nature of God and walk in the confidence of their redemption in the light of the New Testament
  3. To reveal Christ clearly to them so that they will not be confused in the future by other doctrines that distort the image of Christ. (2Tim. 3:15-16; 1Tim. 4:12)



Proper Teens

Proper Teens group comprising ages 10-13 will be getting ready to start taking up spiritual responsibility as they experience physically, emotionally, social and intellectually changes .



The Ramp

The Ramp group comprises ages 14-16 as the mature into young adults; they are exposed to constructive teachings through a systematic approach equiping them to take positive bold steps and decisions in life.

Our Teaching Method

At Seeds church, we teach Bible truths through life application to equip young people to go into the world to show forth God’s grace. In our first services we do this through an annual teaching manual while our 2nd services are designed to build Life Skills in the teens.
Our teaching curriculum for the year 2016 is tailored to help the teens become disciples who live according to the teachings of Jesus. It comprises of 52 Bible lessons that carry the general theme: Jesus is our Teacher. The curriculum also focus on equipping students to use their bible and to trust God’s word, trust that God will provide their needs, and trust God in all circumstances.
Each week’s teaching comes with class activities, age appropriate memory verses and memory challenges and life-application take-home pages.
This curriculum was chosen among others because there is a need to ground the teens in the knowledge of Christ and to encounter Him through his teachings. 2016 Life Skill schedule for 2nd Services are as follows:

January Theme – Going Green/Energy Conservation
February Theme – Courtesy & Etiquette in Relationships
March Theme – Ministry Training/Quarterly Award
April Theme – Book Review/ Games Day
May Theme – Children Service/ Teens Day out
June Theme – Cook Day/ Quarterly award
July Theme – Career Path/ Skill Aquisition
August Theme – Camp/Book Review
September Theme – Movie Day/ Skill/Awards
October Theme – Cultural Day
November Theme – Preparation for Christmas
December Theme – Book Review/ AwardsSeeds Team


The Seeds team is made up of Passionate men and women who have a heart for young people