Our Core Values

As a people we have certain values which serve as our guiding principles as well as our culture and they are all summed up in the acronym G2RACE.Where:

G- Graciousness

Col 4:16, Gal 6:1. We believe that God was and is gracious to us and he expects that we show the same mercy towards others in our everyday relationship with one another, what we say about each other, how we treat other people’s shortcomings.

G- Growth

In Graceville Christian Centre we are expected to grow in the following aspects

Numerically: Psa 115:1, 1 Cor 3:6-7, Luke 14:16-24. The Lord delights in filling His house with all manner of people, half- filled hall displeases God and it’s our responsibility to go to the high ways and by ways to bring everybody in.

Spiritually:  1 Cor 3:1-7. The focus of spiritually mature people is on God who will make all things possible not on personality; however we are committed to teachings that are tailored in helping and feeding saints towards maturity.

Financially: Deu 8:18, 2 Cor 8:9, 2 Cor 9:8. Inasmuch as we are passionate about numerical increase, which is physically measured, spiritual growth which is obviously spiritually discerned, we also believe that God wants his people to increase financially and be men and women of kingdom affluence.

R- Responsibility

2 Cor 8:22. In as much as we enjoy great privileges as children of God, God expects us to act with great sense of responsibility such as serving in the house of God should be given priority in attending church services, engaging in evangelism, supporting the church financially and deploying our personal expertise for the furtherance of the Gospel and excellence in our services.

AC- Accord

Eph 3:15, 1 Cor 12:13, Eph 4:3-4. This connotes the idea and mind-set of a family and handling matters as a family. We believe that the blood of Jesus binds us more than our natural human ties and as such we are a member of the same body and family in Jesus Christ.

E- Excellence

Psa 16:3, Dan 6:3, Phil 1:9-10. We believe we are excellent children of an excellent Father and that excellent spirit in us should reflect in all we do, in timing, organisation appearance, attitude etc. towards God, his kingdom and everything that pertains to our WORK and WALK with God.