Ministry Teams



This group consists of men and women highly skilled in handling gadgets. They basically handle the technical aspect of every service. They cater the senses, of sound and vision, by fine-tuning to precision. They are in charge of sound, light video, special effect etc.



They have the mandate to help the less privileges primarily within the church and those outside during outreaches. They also visit members who are sick, going through hard times, to extend hand of succour. The euphoria around them is that of benevolence. They also serve the communion elements during Midweek Services. This is the welfare group of the church


This is the evangelism arm and soul winning team of Graceville Christian centre.This great team have answered the call of God just like Philip to “join this chariot’. They are saddled with responsibility of spreading the gospel by organizing outreaches, evangelism, and ministering to those who accept Christ into their lives during serives.



Since we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses in the realm of the spirit. This special squad is responsible for welcoming, entertaining, and surrounding the first time worshipper among us with love, care and attention, to follow up and retain new converts and first timers in church. They are responsible for coordinating spot and attach, a special church program that is geared toward creating friendship and foster mentality among everyone.



At Graceville, we don’t only look out for you, but for your cars and properties. This special team are to help with the traffic and provide security for our cars and properties outside, during services. They ensure that chaos is avoided in the parking lot; ensuring that every vehicle intact whilst you are in service.

King Solomon


This is the first team you encounter when you enter into the church arena; these pristinely dressed people have around them the aura of hospitality; as they make members and church visitors know that they are important and are valued. You can be sure to have them welcome you with a pleasant disposition as you arrive the church premises.


Graceville is a church well known for their first class look and excellence, and these values show themselves in the aesthetics both inside and outside, made fit for kings and queens like you. They handle the decoration of the church premises during services and outings; by the use of current and relevant props to ensure that the church arena’s feel is that of bliss and peace, culturing your senses and mood and your heart to receive from God.



At Graceville we believe that the children of today are future of the church and world, and this drives the sweet, lovely and dedicated teachers to lay proper Scriptural Foundation for Graceville kids. Here the children learn and play. Resources such as The Television, VCD, Pictorials, Bible games, musical videos e.t.c are grafted into the curriculum to help the children learn about the love of God.

Rhythm of Grace


One key part of every service is the worship and  praise session and this group has been able to literally bring many into real and life transformming time of worship and soul lifting praises; through the worship, special ministrations as well as their faith inspired songs. ROG is always a mystery in the music arena; you sure would be blessed listening and worship with them. They also are committed to grooming the in house artists.



The need for proper and scriptural up bringing cannot be over emphasized. Teens if not well girded can go south. At Graceville Christian Centre, teens are nurtured in the word of God and equiped with right information for decision making along side the teaching of social skills. The special set of teachers don’t only teach but mentor them aright. As a sequel to the quivers team, they continue to lay proper scriptural foundation and basic life skills in tune with the word of God.



Like a trumpet; the publicity of the church is this team’s mandate – projecting the church to the outside world, announcements and general publicity for all programmes. This is the publicity arm of Graceville Christian Centre.



Your comfort in church matters a great deal to to us; from ensuring that the hall is ready and Royalty worthy to the evenly distribution of envelopes and other paraphernalia and the warm smile you get as you enter the auditorium. They also help with creating order in church in proper seating arrangement.

Word and Sound


Because faith comes by hearing and hearing of the word, the spirit behind this team is to immortalize the messages that are being preached. This team is therefore saddled with the task of trapping the messages on tape for easy referral. They are also in charge of the distribution and sales.
They are responsible for recording, keeping of catalogue and sales of C.Ds, DVDs and books.

Join a team today. You can approach the information desk outside for instructions on how to become a member of any team you are led to serve in or contact the church office for assitance through
Phone:  +234-815-5145432