Our Story

Our journey as a church is one full of grace and the goodness of God. It has been a walk full of amazing surprises. What started in my living room with a target audience of only 10 people turned out to be a gathering of the saints: The first day of our meeting being July 10, 2011 was intended to be a fellowship with a few friends and members of my immediate family; there was no publicity whatsoever but it turned out to be a gathering of about 60 people.
I was completely overwhelmed by the attendance, the zeal of the people and above all the awesome presence of God. Little did I know that this will be just the beginning of the unveiling process of God’s grace upon the Church; now known today as Graceville Christian Centre.
Prior to the birth of Graceville Christian Centre, I had been praying to know what God will have me do. I wasn’t sure of what to do but I was definitely sure of what not to do. However, a few people some of whom I had lost touch with called me narrating visions and revelations of me shepherding a large congregation. Like Mary the mother of Jesus, I kept all the sayings in my heart; because I wanted to hear God for myself. Knowing that I needed time in God’s presence without distractions, I visited the UK and Jos to seek God’s face. I eventually had peace when I caved in obedience to the will of God.
Now I was saddled with the task of choosing the name the church will bear, I however knew that the essence of the ministry will primarily be on grace, so I knew for sure that the root word had to be ‘grace’. After much pondering and praying, a few friends and I came up with the name ‘‘Graceville Christian Centre’’.
Apparently, God was at work during the ‘‘pondering’’ process. Some people procured a place and paid for duration of six weeks. While I was still marveled at His goodness, a few other people donated money for state of the art church equipment. And the benevolence has continued since then. Because the teams in church began with no precise structure or goals, we had a makeshift structuring until we eventually had a firm grasp of what was to be expected, we then created a proper structure and formed the various teams that are presently functioning.
So far, it has been a sweat less trip for us as God has shown Himself immensely strong on our behalf. At Graceville Christian Centre we believe and affirm that favour overcomes labour!